Having a website of your own that attracts customers, gains traffic, and is high in ranking within a search engine is a wonderful thing to see, but to gain that, you’ll probably need an appealing website, and perhaps you don’t have that, which is no worry, as we can offer some insight.

A website being appealing involves several things, some of which you may know, some of which you may not know, either way, let’s go over these things:

An Appealing Website Design

The first impression is the most important impression, as one good impression can mean an interested customer, while a bad one can mean no customer at all, and we certainly don’t want that. Here, we have some important things to cover when it comes to making sure your website will give a good impression to potential customers:

* Colors & Fonts – The color of your website speaks about the personality of it while fonts speak about the brand of the website, this is very important to cover as bad colors can create a bad impression of what your website’s personality happens to be while fonts can create a bad impression of what your brand is about, especially if they are hard to read.

* Graphics – Remember to always add pictures and graphics of low memory so that they take a smaller amount of time to load than ones with bigger memory. Most importantly, don’t forget to introduce these two things in high quality, as high quality can leave a valuable impression that you care about your website and its appeal.

* Simplicity is Beautiful – A complex design may seem cool in concept, but in practice, it’ll usually leave a bad impression of confusion, meaning a simple website can attract customers as it’s easy to read and navigate.

* Consistency – With everything mentioned here so far, remember to keep everything consistent with one another, as it will create a lovely impression of everything being in order as it should.

A Lack of a User-Friendly Layout

This is one of the most important factors that we’ll go in-depth with. A user-friendly website is essential, as unlike offline markets and businesses where the shopper can ask for help instantly, an online website visitor cannot. Hence, if the website happens to not be user-friendly, a potential customer can become frustrated or confused, and leave the site.

If you wish to increase the user-friendliness and functionality of your website, then we have some ideas for you.

Always add a search bar for your visitors to find what they need instantly, as while you may offer several services, a potential customer might just want one.

Apply a simple-to-use interface with arrows and one-click buttons to direct them for quick and easy navigation. Don’t forget to make it mobile friendly for the many people who use phones and use distinct links in your website to make it clear what the link relates to.

Along with that, do not forget to add your contact information in an easily noticeable place for when a potential customer is interested, also, add a customer helpline, whether it be a phone number, or email, or preferably both, in-case a customer needs assistance before they are fully interested.

And always keep in mind that potential customers are attracted to simple and functional websites, not confusing or frustrating ones.

Professional Design Help

Winging it with a DIY business website is a risky way to go if you are hoping for a website that actually furthers your business goals. Our experts have literally decades of experience, following best practices and trends, so you don’t have to!

If you’ve built one already that you need help with, Dallas Web Design Shop is here to help you bring it up to a higher standard that your site visitors will respond to positively. Contact us for repairs, makeovers, or a brand new design.