Duda has rich features to cover everything for web developers who want to create a mobile-friendly eCommerce website if you are agreed to pay for a full-fledged website.

Web Builder Blue Prints of Duda Website Builder:

  • Duda supports free websites – No
  • Duda offers a free version for a trial – Yes
  • Duda supports web store – Yes
  • Duda enables basic image editing – Yes
  • Duda offers unlimited Data transfer in all premium plans – Yes
  • Duda allows site membership – Yes
  • Duda supports blogging tools – Yes
  • Duda allows unlimited storage in all premium plans – Yes
  • Duda features are user-friendly to download, selling – Yes
  • Duda has rich features for site movability – No

Duda supports numerous user-friendly features:

Simplicity and quickness are a plus of Duda. The website builder helps its audience to build a user-friendly, attractive website within a few minutes. Moreover, Duda supports mobile-friendly websites that are easy to run on PCs, desktops, and tablets.
Other web portals require professionals for high-end tiers. In contrast, Duda helps you create little-designed websites with a little bit of technical knowledge. Duda features several templates, a top-tier editor, and robust eCommerce tools that make it the favorite web developer.

Affordable Pricing Options:
Duda allows its developers to create a free website a few years before. Unfortunately, over some time, Duda diminishes the free version. However, you can still enjoy its free version under 14 days trial version.
Duda website developer has three paid tiers that are famous for communal websites. Let’s dig deep inside its paid stations.

Tier Monthly charges Benefits of annual charges Additional charges for extra features

  • Basic $19 per month Down to $14 for annual subscribers $19 per month
  • Team $29 per month Down to $22 per month for annual subscribers $13 per month
  • Agency $59 per month Down to $44 per month for annual subscribers $11 per month

If we talk about the “Basic Plan,” it is the perfect option for a single user. Unluckily, the basic plan limits your customer support contact method to email only.

Further, we will move to the “Team Plan” useful for four team members. Chat and phone support are a plus. Also, it enables visitors to comment on your website. Duda focuses on web agencies, web hosting services, and software services. Moreover, client management and white-label analytics are Duda’s “Team Plan” features.

Let’s move to the next tier, known as the “Agency Plan.” It is the most extensive subscription plan where you can manage four websites, persuade ten team members, and build widgets according to your requirements.

Duda also supports a custom support option to manage your services 24/7. However, users have to contact the company for a quote to avail of this opportunity.

Last but not least, in the addition of more sites, you can pay more charges per month. The controls are dependent on your subscription plan.


• Top-tier editor features.
• Supporting 100+ templates.
• Unlimited storage is available in all tiers.
• Robust tools for creating phone and tablet sites.
• Capable of custom CSS and HTML coding.
• Analyze powerful traffic.
• Full eCommerce options for digital downloads.
• Support web store tools.


• Costly and lack free option.
• Email newsletter support is only for highly paid plans
• Unable to switch the templates