How To Create A Website With WordPress - In 5 Easy Steps (2019)

Learn how to make a website in 2019. This is a Step by Step WordPress tutorial for beginners.

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Today anyone can create a website. If you are thinking of creating a website yourself watch this video because I will explain the 5 basic steps needed for anyone (coder or not) to create a mobile responsive website in just some minutes.

In the past fifteen years many technologies have evolved enabling us to dynamically create websites of any kind, using tools like drag and drop editors and ready made design templates.

Coding can be another way of creating a website, me myself I’m a web developer and I can tell you that learning how to make websites of course takes time and it has a quite high learning curve.

If you want to build a website today and you want to avoid the painful coding part this video is for you as I will explain how you can leverage the power of several tools and services for making a website in just thirty minutes.

Today I will be showing you how to install WordPress, the most popular CMS system for creating websites. I will be also talking about how you can install this CMS with a single click, this is achieved by using Bluehost, one of the most popular web hosting services out there.

I’m choosing to teach you WordPress in this video as you can build any type of website using it. WordPress allows you to make business websites, personal websites, e-commerce websites and all this supporting mobile phone screens for the better user experience.

The main steps I will follow in this video are as follows.
1. 1:59 – Choosing a Domain Name
2. 2:54 – Registering With a Web Hosting Provider
3. 6:52 – Installing WordPress with a Single Click
4. 8:58 – Installing and Editing the Three Page Templates
5. 24:20 – Personalizing your Website

STEP 1 – 1:59
In the first step I explain what a domain name is and why this is important for you and your website. Also I go through the process of checking the availability of the domain name you want to have. Checking for the availability is done simply because someone else might already bought the domain name you want.

STEP 2 – 2:54
Moving on once you decide an available domain name I take you through the steps of registering with Bluehost (Web hosting Company). This step is required as every website needs to live on the web somewhere. There are many reasons why we choose Bluehost in the first place.

Some reasons are that Bluehost is suggested by the creator of WordPress, other than that Bluehost provides you with a FREE DOMAIN NAME upon registration, super fast web page loading times, a Great 24/7 support and a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you don’t like this the service.

STEP 3 – 6:52
Now once you register an account with Bluehost I will explain how you can select a website design from a list of designs for your WordPress installation to begin. You simply select the Hestia theme to be installed and the WordPress installation begins. Once this is done your website is set and ready to receive modifications.

STEP 4 – 8:58
In this step I will explain how you can install the Orbit-Fox plugin that is supported by the Hestia theme. This plugin will provide us with a variety of templates (Ready made Pages) that we will edit and transform to our liking.

Once the Orbit-Fox plugin is installed we then choose the first template to edit which is our Home page. From there on I’m showing you how to edit the home page template and the rest of the templates using a DRAG AND DROP EDITOR (Site Builder) named Elementor.

STEP 5 – 24:20
Finally I will teach you how to change the main colors of your website and the Logo of course. Other than that I will show you how you can create a menu for your website so visitors of your website can easily browse through. Last but not least we will check the website both on mobile and desktop views using the developer tools of Google Chrome and correct some mobile responsiveness issues.

Bonus Tip:
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How To Create A Website With WordPress - In 5 Easy Steps (2019)
How To Create A Website With WordPress - In 5 Easy Steps (2019)
How To Create A Website With WordPress - In 5 Easy Steps (2019)
How To Create A Website With WordPress - In 5 Easy Steps (2019)
How To Create A Website With WordPress - In 5 Easy Steps (2019)

How To Create A Website With WordPress - In 5 Easy Steps (2019)

How To Create A Website With WordPress - In 5 Easy Steps (2019)