If you enter good web design in Google for Dallas, you’ll quickly see that there are a number of results that range anywhere from an art history course to a techno geek speak seminar. This is because most web design agencies speak their language, not yours.

At Our Web Design firm, we speak business. This means that we believe optimal web design equals one thing: More Clients.

Advantages of Optimal Web Design

Keeping this in mind, here are our top 5 ways to ensure you have a business website with optimal web design.

Offer the Visitor One Action You Want Them To Take

Every business is different. Do you want your customers to call? Do you want them to fill out a form? Would you prefer they check out your gallery first? Whatever it is, from every page of your website, the most important focus should be on your call to action. You do not have to create your website so it looks like every competitor in town. You can create one that works the way your company works. This is why we always start with your business and how you actually work with your clients and customers.

Make the Customer King in Your Dallas Web Design

Too many companies do what we call ‘me too’ marketing. They look at a competitor’s website and simply copy the format, design elements and content. They believe they have to provide the same information to compete. This is not true! Focus on what your clients need to make an EASY buying decision. Eliminate everything in your web design that:

  1. Confuses the buyer
  2. Makes the buyer feel insecure about his/her buying choice
  3. Causes the buyer to feel they need more information before they buy
  4. May influence the buyer to look at other options

When you think about the experience your client/customer is having on your company website, it becomes easier to make decisions about eliminating extraneous information. Simply go to your website and imagine you have never been to your company website. What is the experience you have when you go there? Your visitor likely is having a similar experience.

Website Content – Divide and Conquer by Speaking to Your Buyers’ Needs

In a perfect world, clients and customers would walk in the front door of your web site and walk straight through the path you would like them to follow. With Google indexing every page individually, a client/customer may come through the back door, the window or any other route made available through a website search.

Think of your website as a series of billboards on the internet. Each one can be optimized for as a specific search term or key word. What does this have to do with web design? Well, consider that your customer walked in your back door because they wanted to read an article about something they are interested in. You would want to ensure your website design gave them a quick overview of what your company is, why they should listen to you and how you can help – all on the same page, if possible, to make it that much easier for the customer to make a buying decision.

Design for Dallas Buyers, Not Tire Kickers

All too often we see companies spending thousands, many tens of thousands in a year, writing for people who are never going to buy their services. We aren’t quite sure where this practice got started, but we suspect that perhaps the companies selling said services might have a hand in it.

We suggest designing your site to:

  1. Answer the questions you are asked by most of your customers. This establishes your expertise while also providing a valuable resource for your clients/customers.
  2. Sound the way that you actually speak to your clients/customers. When a buyer is looking online, a strong voice works double duty in persuading that person to contact you.
  3. Only include relevant information for your Eliminate the rest.

Offer the Best Website Design Experience By Making Your Website Responsive

Today’s consumer shops online on their phone. Both B2B and B2C buying can originate from a mobile phone. A whopping 82% of mobile shoppers conduct ‘near me’ searches. In addition, Google has started to penalize non-responsive websites, which can negatively impact where you rank in Google search.

A responsive website is simply a website that has been designed to shrink to size for whatever technology the visitor is using. Whether the person is pulling up your site on an iPad or a phone or a desktop, your web design with change – respond – accordingly.

These are the advantage of offering a mobile-friendly or responsive website:

  1. Increased mobile traffic
  2. Improved user experience
  3. Enhanced SEO opportunity
  4. Faster website load times (which impacts SEO ranking)
  5. Lower bounce rates
  6. Higher conversion rates

Dallas Web design works with entrepreneurs, private companies and family-owned business to create systems-based WordPress websites that work for you. Our goal is to offer you cost-effective website solutions that minimizes your website maintenance through strategic web design and web development. Call us today to discuss your Dallas web design project.